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Homestead Master Pack
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Homestead Master Pack
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What's Included:

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  • The Heritage Cooking Crash Course - My premier video homestead cooking course that will walk you through fermenting food, cheesemaking, sourdough bread, simple yeast doughs, curing your own meats, and more. RETAIL: $297
  • ​The Canning Made Easy System - A step-by-step process that will SAFELY take you from beginner to canning pro in no time. RETAIL: $75
  • Dozens of Printables - Garden planners, canning labels & tags, cheatsheets, recipes cards, market lists, & more. RETAIL: $48
  • Natural Homestead Book - 40+ recipes to help you skip the feed store and making your own chicken feed, pest sprays, herbal salves, & more. RETAIL: $19
  • Homemade Dairy Book - Learn how to start your home dairy. RETAIL: $19
  • Making Jam Mini-Course - Make ​& can healthy, low-sugar jams. RETAIL $17
  • Your Custom Homestead Book - 10-step plan that will enable you to make the best possible homestead out of your current situation. RETAIL: $14 
  • ​​The Good, Better, Best Shopping Guide RETAIL: $9
  • How to Make Money Homesteading Guide- RETAIL $9
  • ​The Chicken Coop Checklist- RETAIL $9 
  • Raised Bed Planting Guide- RETAIL $9
  • Sourdough Troubleshooting Guide- RETAIL $9
  • Baking with Whole Wheat Guide- RETAIL $9


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What's Included:

EVERYTHING you need to start creating your homestead legacy, including... 

Every digital resource I've EVER created including all of my courses, every eBook, dozens of printables, cheatsheets, and worksheets, exclusive challenge recordings, blog & business mentorships, the printable version of the Old-Fashioned on Purpose Planner totaling over $____.


Only $77

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