The Heritage Kitchen Handbook: 
Homestead Cooking Hacks for the Modern Home
(Eat Healthy Like a Farmer - Even If You Live In the City!)

Are you craving a taste of the wholesome homestead cooking lifestyle... 
But not quite ready to move to the country 
and buy a farm?
In this guidebook you will discover five simple ways to bring farmhouse vibes into your kitchen… no matter where you live (no farm required):

Wholesome ingredients:

How to transform your cooking style by swapping out eight common ingredients for natural alternatives that will have an immediate impact on your health, happiness and diet.

Homestead cooking tools:

Three essential homestead cooking tools to include in your kitchen set up that will also add a charming (and useful) farmhouse style into your home (plus how to care for them so they can last generations).

Made from scratch:

Ten homemade fridge and pantry staples to stock your kitchen with so you can replace everyday food items with healthy, from-scratch recipe cornerstones.

Grow your own food:

How to get started growing your own organic food (even if you live in an apartment) so you can harvest fresh, homegrown produce for meals and create your own farm-to-table menu. 

Quality family time:

A fool-proof way to get your family off their phones during dinner and create a special time for connection, nourishment and togetherness.

Heritage recipes: 

Farmhouse recipes, DIY tutorials, and valuable homestead resources to help you channel your inner farmer while living in the suburbs!
 Download ‘The Heritage Kitchen Handbook’ And Get Started On These 5 Easy Hacks For Creating Your Own Homestead Inspired Kitchen 
About the Author
Jill Winger is the founder of The Prairie Homestead, an online space dedicated to helping people who feel disenchanted by modern life and want to return to their roots. 

Her practical and authentic style of teaching and storytelling has won the hearts of over 750,000 homesteaders across social media who look to her for advice and reassurance in creating from-scratch meals, tending chickens, and growing their first garden. 

Jill is the author of the best-selling Prairie Homestead Cookbook (2019) and has been featured in Urban Farm magazine, People Magazine, Woman's World, and Buzzfeed. She resides on the Wyoming prairie with her husband, three children, and more farm animals than she can count.

About the Author
Jill Winger is a wife, mom of three, and modern day homesteader who resides on the wide open prairie of Wyoming. She has had a deep-rooted passion for the rural way of life since a young age, and loves helping others return to their roots and pursue a more wholesome lifestyle.

Jill’s award winning homestead blog, The Prairie Homestead, was voted as a “Top Traditional Food Blogger” two years in a row by BITAN, and named a “#1 Homestead Blogger for 2015” in Scratch Magazine. She is a soon to be published author and featured writer where she shares from-scratch recipes, natural remedies, and inspiration for those pursuing a homestead lifestyle of their own.

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