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Transform your free time into a money-making homestead

You'll be able to Reduce Your Monthly Grocery Bill, Boost Your Food Security, even if you don't already have a homestead
Create a Thriving Homestead in Your Spare Time
  • Save as much as $4096 this year, create more disposable income, and stock your pantry at the same time
  • Two exclusive intimate live trainings with Jill each month where you get the most up-to-date information and all your questions answered. 
  • ​​Join 250+ people who are seeing how simple it is to create the homestead of their dreams in less time than it takes to milk a couple of cows
  • Plus, access to every course, training, and PDF I've ever created valued at $543

    Congratulations on Taking Part in the Challenge! 

    With all the incredible shifts & action that took place this week, I want to personally invite you to join me in Homestead Mentor...


    Homestead Mentor isn't just another membership program. After talking to a number of people, I've realized that it's not lack of information that keeps folks from reaching their goals of making money on a self-sufficient homestead, it's actually lack of quick, easy implementation.

    Homestead Mentor is an exclusive, private mentorship program. Twice a month, I'll guide you through setting targets to boost your income, food security, and self-reliance, no matter where you live. Then, through exclusive tools and LIVE members-only sessions, we'll transform your plans into action so you can quickly start seeing results. 

    Homestead Mentor is only for you if: 

    ===> You are DONE feeling like you don’t know where to start. Let's face it-- all the tutorials in the world won't help you if you don't have tools and strategies for implementing them in your unique situation.

    ===> You’ve had ENOUGH of poor, time-consuming advice that doesn’t work. Information is cheap. And unfortunately, there are plenty of websites, blogs, and even books out there with bad advice that ends up costing you precious time and resources.

    ===> You are BURNED OUT with attempting to juggle the rat race with the things you REALLY want to be doing. You're busy. And you don't have the luxury of time wasted on things that don't work, instructions that aren't clear, or vague gameplans. You need quick, actionable, step-by-step plans you can trust. 

    What Am I Getting Exactly?

    This is an 8-week program to transform your free time into a money-making homestead, increase your food security, reduce your grocery bills, and help you grow food no matter where you live. You’ll also get yearly access to Homestead Mentor, where I upgrade and refresh the content consistently.

    Over the Next 8 Weeks Together We Will:

    • Make your free time work for you – make extra money with your newly found time, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.​
    • ​Reduce, reuse-- reduce your monthly expenses so you have even more cash to grow your homestead.
    • Simple homestead layouts-- ​Lay-out your current yard or property to grow food, even if you're limited on space
    • ​​​Always ready - stock an "Everyday Preparedness Pantry" so you are always prepared for whatever live may throw your way
    • Natural selection - select the garden method that is right for you and your climate, including how to start a garden 100% from-scratch
    • ​Plan to succeed – Learn the exact plan to grow incredible amounts of healthy food, even if you're limited on space
    • ​Maximize security – you may never need to step in a grocery store again 
    • Thoughts become things – Set monthly targets with a proven system that ensures you exceed them every time. 
    • Even MORE free time - weave the simple old-fashioned skills of days past, into your busy modern life saving you even more precious time
    • Create home-canned foods (both water bath and pressure canning) for long-term, electricity-free storage
    • Waste not, want not – turn your waste into the most profitable and time saving part of your home
    • Eliminate “paralysis by analysis” - Master my proven strategies for overcoming overwhelm, roadblocks
    • Get yearly access to all of the mentorship calls. These provide clarity, growth, and huge accountability. (worth $2997/year)
    • Get yearly access to the HOMEGROWN community, where you’ll form new friendships and get personalized feedback, support, and advice whenever you need it (worth $1497/year). Content is regularly refreshed and new content is added frequently. 
    • Gain accountability and camaraderie— no more jumping from course to course, or attempting to sift through countless websites and videos to hunt down the info you need. We’ll do the work together and get results. No excuses!

    To Recap... When You Join Today, You'll be Receiving: 

    • Yearly access to all mentorship calls ($2997 value)
    • ​Yearly access to the HOMEGROWN community ($1497 value), including the 8-weeks of focused training on how to set up your gardens, overcome your current roadblocks, and map your food plan.
    • The Heritage Cooking Crash Course ($297 value)
    • Canning Made Easy System ($75 value)
    • ​My Get it Done Framework Training ($27)
    Total Value = ($4893)
    Your Price = $41/month

    $4893 of Value for Just $41? Really?

    I’ll be opening to new members a handful of times each year, and entrance is extremely limited to give you the attention and accountability you need to succeed.

    This is your chance to transform your free time into a money-making homestead. 

    You can click here to sign up immediately. 

    But with all that’s going on in the word, it doesn’t feel right to charge you the full value of the training.

    So, I won’t let you pay me $4893 today...

    I’m going to give you full years membership TODAY for just $497.

    But wait, there is MORE . :)

    To make certain everyone can benefit, no matter how hard COVID has hit them… I have decided to even finance the training for you at 0%.

    I’ll cover the full cost of your membership right now so you can get started in the community today.

    Just pay me back $41 every month until we’re even (that’s 12 months in case you were curious). 

    This way, I know you will be making extra money, saving extra money, and enjoying even more of your free time for the year to come.

    Sound Fair?

    It’s time to start create a healthier & happier legacy for yourself and give your family the ultimate peace of mind. 

    Join the community today and get started for only $41. You will be charged an additional $41 per month, each month, for the remainder of the 1 year training (11 months)

    Or, pay in full for yearly access to get one month free. 

    Question #1: "The challenge was intense! I don’t want to do that for 8 weeks non-stop in this program!”

    HOMEGROWN is not that fast paced, don’t worry. I created the challenge to shake you up, it’s a sprint challenge! People worry about, "If I'm going to be away", "If I've got a holiday", "If I've got other priorities", and what I would say to that is, the implementation weeks in Homestead Mentor are built in with that purpose in mind, so the content itself is drip fed - you can go at your own pace if you need to - there’s plenty of support for my members at all levels.

    Question #2: "Will the training apply to my situation?”

    YES. If you have a desire to become more self-sufficient, have a hand in where your food comes from, and improve your health, the principles I teach in Homestead Mentor absolutely apply to you. You do NOT have to own property, have chickens, or even have a big backyard to see massive results from the program. 

    Question #3: "I’ve invested in so many courses before and have been totally let down, I don’t want to get burnt again.”

    Yup, I’ve been there! I totally get where you’re coming from. The whole reason I created the Homestead Mentor system is because it’s personalized mentorship, versus static content. Through the combination of high-quality trainings, LIVE workshops, and personalized support, you’ll finally start seeing the results in your home, health, and kitchen that you’ve been craving.We're in this together. 

    The Homestead Mentor

    Hi, I’m Jill Winger, founder of the Prairie Homestead blog, author of the best-selling Prairie Homestead Cookbook, and Homestead Mentor to thousands.

    My family and I have been living this homestead life for 10+ years out on the wide-open prairies of Wyoming. I'm passionate about helping others to live off the land and return to their roots, no matter where they live. 
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