I'm putting every homestead resource I've ever created into ONE GIANT BUNDLE 

Here's a small fraction of what you can start using right away to build your dream homestead, secure your food supply, and give your family peace of mind.

The Secrets to Food Security and Pantry Mastery

EffortlessLy cook & PreSERve Food

The Heritage Cooking Crash Course
 ($97 value)  
Start cooking nourishing, homestead-style foods without spending your life in the kitchen! Includes extensive tutorials for sourdough, fermentation, curing meats, bread, cheesemaking, & more! 

Canning Made Easy 
(Previously sold for $37) 
Start creating your own stockpile of nutritious foods and boosting your food security once and for all! Covers pressure canning, water bath, and more!

Jam Mini Course Learn to can low-sugar jams in 30 minutes or less (no canning experience required!).

All of My Digital Books

Natural Homestead (contains 40+ recipes for natural critters & crops). Skip the feed store and save money by making your own chicken feed, udder balm, garden sprays, pest repellents, and more!  

Your Custom Homestead: A reassuring, 10-step plan for creating a homegrown lifestyle, no matter where you live! 

Homemade Dairy: Includes tutorials and instructions for dairy cattle & goats (from someone who has been there, done that), as well as information on handling raw milk, simple dairy & cheese recipes, and more!

Cooking with Essential Oils: Learn which oils are best suited for the kitchen, safety & usage tips, plus some of my favorite essential oil-infused recipes! 

The Heritage Kitchen Shopping Guide: A list of 'good, better, best' suggestions for shopping for food. Helpful for finding the best food options at the grocery store or market, even if your food options are limited!  

Flour Swaps 101: Cooking with Whole Wheat: Everything you need to know about choosing the right flour for your recipes, including how to make flour swaps, how to make whole wheat loaves that aren't bricks, and more! 

Simple Indoor Seed Starting Set-Up: A simple step-by-step walkthrough (with photos) of how I start all of our seeds in our basement and save hundreds of dollars each year.

Kombucha Made Simple: A big thank you to Michelle Visser of Souly Rested for creating & sharing this kombucha tutorial eBook for our members! 

Making Maple Sugar: A big thank you to Michelle Visser of Souly Rested for creating & sharing this tutorial for making your very own maple sugar!

Best of Heritage Recipes: A compilation of family favorite recipes from The Prairie Homestead community.

Make Money Homesteading: 40+ ideas for monetizing your homestead dreams so you can make an income doing what you love.

Chicken Coop Checklist: Getting chickens for the first time? The Chicken Coop Checklist will walk you through everything you need to know to set up your coop for success.

Raised Bed Quick Start Guide: Our unique raised bed design has received a lot of questions over the years, so I put everything you need to know into this raised bed guide-- perfect if you are simply curious about our beds, or would like to start your own! 

Sourdough Troubleshooting Guide: Have questions about your sourdough starter? I answer the most common issues/problems with sourdough in this simple troubleshooting guide. 

All of the Printables

Seed Starting Printables: Recommendations for my favorite seeds, plus pretty printables for logging your seed inventory, garden map, & more! 

Vegetable Garden Planner: A big thank you to Julia Hubler of Reformstead for donating these beautiful garden planner printables!

Canning Printables: This collection of canning printables includes recipe cards, canning inventory sheets, cheatsheets, gift labels, tags, and MORE!

Pantry Inventory Printable: A big thank you to Heart of the Farm for creating this pantry inventory list *just* for you.

Market List Printable: A big thank you to Heart of the Farm for creating this downloadable market list *just* for you.


Four Week Blog Sprint: An intense four week long blog mentorship program, where I teach the secrets to creating a good-quality blog.

Purpose Playbook: Learn how to create a successful website, whether for your small business or for running a blog.

Homegrown: Return to your roots in homegrown, which is an 8 week long training where with challenges, encouragement, and trainings you how to homestead anywhere.

Five Day Challenges

Food Security Challenge: This Five Day Challenge focuses on helping you revolutionize how you provide your family with food. This includes morning challenges and afternoon trainings, as well as various printables and Q&A sessions.

Time Management Challenge: This Five Day Challenge pushes you to revolutionize your daily habits and time management skills. It includes morning challenges, afternoon trainings, and printables that help boost your productivity.

Old-Fashioned on Purpose planner

Old-Fashioned on Purpose Planner (Digital Version): This planner includes weeks and months for planning your year, and also additional sheets for budgeting, meal planning, canning & preserving, gardening, and more.

Bonus: Project Information Trackers: These bonus trackers include 3 project management trackers that are the perfect additions with the Old-Fashioned on Purpose Planner.

Bonus: Old-Fashioned Recipes: The Old-Fashioned On Purpose Planner includes suggestions for seasonal from-scratch recipes. These are the recipes that are mentioned in the planner and come from my cookbook.

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